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Worker's Compensation is a complicated area of law in Michigan. Did you know that you may have a compensable worker's compensation injury even if you are running an errand away from your work site when you get injured? Or that you may have a claim that you can pursue in Michigan even if the injury occurred out of state, or if you are not a Michigan resident? Or that your claim can lose much of its value unless you continue to look for work?

You also may not know that you do not necessarily need a specific injury in order to have a compensable claim. Injuries that occur over time, due to engaging in activities that aggravate a pre-existing condition, also may be compensable.

Loss of a body part, or loss of function of a body part, can guarantee you a certain benefit amount, even if you do not miss time from work.

Parking lot injuries can be compensable.

Injuries suffered while traveling for work can be compensable.

Certain conditions, such as heart disease and psychological conditions, may only be compensable if your work contributes to them in a significant way.

These examples represent just a small part of the twists and turns of Michigan Worker's Compensation law. Your employer and its insurance company hire people who know all of the legal strategies and options they can pursue. Shouldn't you? Solomon Law offers many years of worker's compensation experience to help you get everything you deserve.

Have your benefits been cut off by the employer or insurance company? Often, the other side stops benefits when it really has no strong basis to do so, hoping that you will go away and not bother them anymore. Or maybe they stop paying you, with the goal of settling their lifetime exposure for pennies on the dollar.

You need an advocate! Solomon Law offers negotiation strategies, as well as a willingness to go to trial and stand up to the people who are denying you benefits. We also want to help you if you need to appeal a Magistrate's decision.


Federal employees have their worker's compensation rights determined in a system unique for them. Solomon Law helps injured federal workers get the benefits they deserve.

Do you qualify for workers' compensation?

Dealing with a work-related injury is stressful. Ease some of your stress by working with a workers' compensation attorney in Grand Rapids, MI. The team at Solomon Law Firm PLLC can help you understand the benefits you qualify for and help you file for workers' compensation. Our workers' compensation attorney will even take your case to trial if needed. You'll have a qualified and experienced attorney by your side when you work with us.

You may qualify for workers' compensation if your injury or illness:

  • Caused you to lose wages
  • Required medical attention
  • Occurred while performing a work-related task

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